Band of People

People of the Sky

Band of People is a social justice music group based out of Toronto, Canada. Formed in 2016 by soul singer Shane Philips and jazz bassist Dylan White, BOP is experiential and experimental in combining electronic music with soul and rock and roll. It exists as a musical cooperative and stands against corporate greed manifested at the expense of the people.

Band Of People, like neurons in the human brain, came together to express the universal truths of peace, love and compassion using the language of music with a focus on lyrics that represent humanity’s cause. In essence, their honest expression can be defined like this... 

Between the Rock and the Soul lies the vacuum of everything in which travels a wave of Electrons. This is the balance of life as the wave realizes it is the ocean. This is the self realization of the oneness.

These badass electrons are currently performing songs from their soon to be released debut album "People of the Sky". Their release date is set for the spring of 2020 and are currently working with renowned studio engineer Nick Petrowski at Montreal's premier recording facility Studio Mixart manifesting reality where humanity of all brands, of all lands and all bands come together as one.